Specializing in Soft Tissue management of the upper and low extremities, and spine to create better body mechanics related to the golf swing.

At Peterson Chiropractic, the NG360 system is used to determine areas of the body that are causing restrictive movement patterns and weaknesses as they relate to golf fitness. Using specific tests to reveal these areas, a specialized treatment plan can then used to release the joints and muscles that are restricted. Once the areas have been mobilized, new exercises can be implemented to build strength and stability to control your new swing.

The NG360 Functional Performance System (FPS) powered by Gray Institute is an assessment and training program designed specifically for golf professionals and movement specialists who work with golfers. The program takes advantage of the principles of all human movement to create strategies for assessment and training specific to the requirements of the golf swing. Based on Applied Functional Science from the Gray Institute, the NG360 functional performance system is designed to enable training and teaching professionals to gather competence in functional movement and achieve proficiency in prescribing training programs.